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Fasttoken (FTN) Announces Its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)


Fasttoken (FTN) Announces its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)




Fastex, a Web 3.0-driven ecosystem offering a diverse product range, is happy to announce its initial exchange offering (IEO) of Fasttoken (FTN), offering early holders an opportunity to join the project.

The IEO is set to take place from January 18 to January 20, 2023, with a limited number of 10 million tokens available for public sale. The FTN tokens will be sold for 0.35 euros per token for this event.

Fasttoken is the official cryptocurrency of the Fastex ecosystem. The FTN token serves numerous utilities, including supporting and empowering the evolution of digital finance and the FTN reward system. The IEO provides an opportunity for users to join the join Fastex community.

Powered by IT giant SoftConstruct, Fastex delivers multiple centralized and decentralized solutions. The platform opens up a vast network of over 7000 users and more than 500 partners. Fastex hopes to provide effective solutions for businesses and communities while making Web 3.0 technologies more accessible than ever. Fastex’s mission is to ‘level up transparency and data ownership between businesses and communities.

The Fastex ecosystem consists of Fastex Chain, ftNFT marketplace, Fastex Pay, Fastex Exchange crypto & exchange platform, and Fastex Verse, the ecosystems’ metaverse. The ecosystem is designed to provide a seamless and integrated experience for users. The platform seeks to allow its users to engage easily with various services and features offered by the Fastex ecosystem.




Fastex pay is a crypto payment system that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrencies in e-commerce stores, while the fastex chain is an EVM blockchain with utilities. It serves as the backbone of the ecosystem, providing a new modification of the proof of stake consensus mechanism. The Fastex Chain is scheduled to have its test in February 2023.

FtNFT marketplace is an NFT marketplace designed with exclusive features for creators, collectors, and traders to come together. The Fastex verse provides an immersive metaverse experience to all Fastex users. 

The IEO comes after successful Private Sale rounds. The first phase of the private sale was held from November 29 to November 30, 2022, and hosted around 300 partners. The second phase was held on December 5 2022, running for 39 days.

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