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Is It Time For Investors To Think Beyond BTC And ETH?


The mainstream crypto market has been more or less dead for a few weeks. Bitcoin has lost 1.88% in the last seven days. Ethereum is doing a little better, with a 0.66% dip in the same window. BNB, Polygon, Cardano, Dogecoin, Solana, Polkadot, and Chainlink –  among scores of others – have similar stories to share. XRP, Tron, and Litecoin are the few exceptions to the trend, boasting tiny one-digit surges. 

The lukewarm performance suggests that mainstream cryptocurrencies are highly saturated. It’s about time investors left these coins for emerging projects that power interesting new use cases. 

Listed below are a few examples with large growth potential this year. 

AiDoge – Viral meme coin ready for a startling explosion

Meme coins are all the rage now. New meme coins that enter the market every day are bringing exponential returns to early investors. Sometimes overnight. The phenomenon is super exciting and has captured global attention, further catalyzing the pump. 

If you missed out on the recent meme coin explosions, here is another one that can kindle a bigger mania – AiDoge. This might not be your first time hearing about the meme coin as it went viral within a few days of its project announcement. 

The reason is pretty interesting. The meme coin has its foot in three of the hottest trends of this millennium. Namely, AI, memes, and meme coins. 


AiDoge is an AI-powered Web 3.0 platform that generates memes based on text prompts. It is fuelled by the doge-inspired presale meme coin $AI. The presale is already past its $11M milestone. That is more than what most cryptocurrencies manage to accumulate in a lifetime. The glowing presale strengthens the possibility of a 1000-2000% explosion on the token launch. 

But unlike most meme coins we have seen in the past, $AI wouldn’t just be another with no utility or purpose. It plays an integral role in the AiDoge ecosystem. The primary utilities of the token are facilitating the platform’s credit, payment, and reward system. 

At the heart of it, AiDoge generates memes for you with little input on your part. For example, you need not hunt down the image that captures your idea or rack your brain for a caption that suits the image. All of that is taken care of by the algorithms. It gives you ready-to-publish memes in minutes. 

Since the platform relies on virality to derive its value, the memes are for anyone to see. That in turn, will drive more traffic and fuel consistently-growing demand for $AI tokens. It looks like the platform’s goal is to become a social hub where you can find the latest memes across different niches. The token-based credit system underpins the market relevance and sustainable growth of $AI. 

Anyone who believes AiDoge’s fun, yet relevant vision can become a part of the project early on via the ongoing presale. At the time of this writing, the presale is about to sell out due to overwhelming traffic from meme coin investors. The fast progress of the presale hints at a bull run that is underway for the token. 

AiDoge is a Web 3.0 project that has the potential to follow in the footsteps of AI platforms like ChatGPT and Dall-E. Combining the brand value of Doge, it might become a global phenomenon this year if it sticks to its ambitious roadmap. 

Copium – When humor, FOMO, and camaraderie come together

Next on our list of altcoins to invest in the current bear market is Copium – the latest meme coin sensation that went 500% up the charts within hours of going live on 18 May 2023. The hype around the meme coin is getting bigger as more investors hoard it in anticipation of another explosion.

The project is not designed to become a fleeting crypto sensation like most meme coin assets. As a result, it can bring generous returns to investors who buy the token in the coming two weeks. 

A closer look at the project will help you understand why. 

To begin with, Copium’s unique theme and delivery have the capability to win a young audience. It is built around the theme of “coping” with missed opportunities. Humor and fellowship are at the heart of the project, inspiring users to navigate the unpredictable crypto landscape together. That has a higher rate of success.

Another factor that instills faith in the project is its multi-faceted marketing strategy which grows a community of believers in its vision, rather than mere investors. A good example is the exclusive, invitation-only presale that built massive hype around its Uniswap launch. 

The presale was limited to 100 influential supporters in the crypto landscape and gave them skin in the game. It is accompanied by a unique NFT drop that compels investors to hold and increase their $COPIUM holdings. 

As expected, Copium has succeeded in striking a chord with the meme coin community. The numbers look promising.

The rapid growth of the community to 18K members (on Twitter alone) hints at the project’s fast penetration into the meme coin market. 

At the time of writing, Copium is on a short pullback. This is an excellent gateway to buy the tokens before its next bull run. 

$COPIUM can generate anywhere from 400-500% returns by June, especially given that more investors are liquidating established meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe to join projects with larger rooms for growth. Being led by experienced developers and OGs, it has a long way to go. 

Ecoterra – Cryptocurrency with the Highest Possibility for Mainstream Adoption

Ecoterra is a cryptocurrency that is on the radar of mainstream brands and celebrities. It is the native crypto of a recycle-to-earn platform of the same name. 

The project is led by the mission to promote recycling, circular economy, and carbon offsetting. It makes this possible by harnessing the full potential of blockchain technology, which boasts a secure and transparent makeup. 

Although the crypto market has no dearth of green crypto projects, Ecoterra has its eyes on recycling. A niche that most projects don’t dare to venture into. But the interesting thing is that recycling is one of the key pillars of climate action. 

Why leave it out then?

And that explains the market relevance of Ecoterra and why it is a strong candidate for widespread adoption this year. Recycling initiatives require knowledge, technical skills, and resources. Ecoterra simplifies it and adds more vigor to it by rewarding you for every item you recycle following its directions. 

You can hold, stake, or spend these tokens on various ecological activities. The recycling app is accompanied by a carbon-offsetting marketplace, a recycled materials marketplace, and an impact profile.

The fact that Ecoterra’s target market includes environmentally-conscious individuals, socially responsible small businesses, large corporations, industries, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) makes it one of the most promising projects of this year. 

yPredict – Strong utility, tiny market cap, and large growth potential 

We wrap up this list with yPredict –  an AI-powered app that allows you to subscribe to data-driven insights, proven analytic metrics, and predictive marketplace trends on a monthly basis. 

It is dedicated to all crypto traders who find it difficult to navigate the crypto market dominated by algorithms and bots. They have adulterated the market, making it extremely hard to make price predictions. In other words, it lowers the statistical edge of crypto investment and trading strategies. 

With yPredict, you need not rely on news, social media influencers, or trading signals to get a grip on the market direction. The platform provides data-driven insights that help you hone your portfolio by tapping into a large ecosystem of Ai/ML experts, traders, and financial quants.

The DAO-curated financial prediction methods and metrics are designed by highly qualified data scientists. They are incentivized to improve the profitability of their models, while users are incentivized to choose the best predictive models. 

The ecosystem consists of:

  • A marketplace
  • Trading tools
  • A trading terminal
  • High APY staking pools

The tiny initial market cap of around $6M makes YPRED an attractive early investment this quarter. 

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