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AI-Driven SEO Content Creation and Management Tool


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yPredict, a leading AI software company, has announced the beta launch of WriteMingle this week, its newest product focused on streamlining content creation and collaboration. 

A leading provider of AI-powered analytics solutions, yPredict.ai is excited to announce this important new product launch as part of its major expansion plans beyond crypto analytics. 

The WriteMingle Beta Testing Program is open now, but you must participate in the $YPRED token presale to be eligible. 

Building on the success of its yPredict Analytics product, which is scheduled for release after the token ($YPRED) lists, the team has been hard at work developing state-of-the-art tools for various industries. WriteMingle is the second product to emerge from those efforts – the first being its Backlink Estimator, which uses AI to generate backlinks strategies. 

WriteMingle provides smart content creation, plagiarism checking, and SEO optimization for effortless, high-quality content creation.

“We are thrilled to get WriteMingle into the hands of beta testers,” said yPredict CEO Raj Sharma. “Our goal with WriteMingle is to allow people to focus on big picture content strategy and creation while letting AI handle the time-consuming busywork like proofreading and SEO optimization.”

Premium Content Creation Now Available to Everyone.

The content creation and management software utilizes advanced natural language processing and generative AI to help individuals, teams, and enterprises create high-quality written content quickly and easily.

With its simple and intuitive interface, WriteMingle aims to make content creation accessible to everyone. 

Users can get AI-generated content ideas and outlines while receiving real-time grammar and plagiarism checking. WriteMingle optimizes content for SEO best practices by analyzing word count, headings, meta descriptions, and more.

Notable features available in the WriteMingle beta include:

  • Unlimited editors for seamless collaboration
  • AI scoring for plagiarism, readability, and SEO
  • Integrated plagiarism checker
  • Auto-generating on-page SEO recommendations
  • Automatic internal linking between documents
  • AI image generator with captions
  • AI-powered backlink and content strategy builder

WriteMingle by yPredict Emerges as Most Cost-Effective Intelligent Content Creation Platform.

 WriteMingle is the most affordable self-hosted content solution for medium to large content teams. Be it Grammarly, SurferSEO, or other content creation tools, the competition needs to look out, as WriteMingle could be coming to eat their lunch. 

yPredict’s innovative product empowers teams to streamline content creation and boost productivity. 

Key features of the WriteMingle content solution include:

  1. User Management: Administrators can easily add or remove new users, granting them different roles, such as writers or editors, based on their responsibilities.
  1. Task Assignment: Editors can create and assign writing tasks to writers, ensuring efficient workflow management and task delegation.
  1. AI-Powered Content Editor: WriteMingle leverages cutting-edge AI technology to generate a special content editor that offers valuable suggestions to enhance the quality of the content. This includes AI-powered “Content Structure” suggestions, which provide recommended h2 to h5 tag counts, word length, lists, and images. Additionally, its NLP-powered AI keyword suggestion tool analyzes top-ranking content for a given keyword, helping editors optimize their content for search engine visibility.
  1. Scoring System: The content editor incorporates an inbuilt scoring system to evaluate the quality of the content. This comprehensive scoring system considers keyword relevance, structural coherence, human-written score, and plagiarism detection. Notably, WriteMingle includes an industry-leading ChatGPT detection feature, ensuring the integrity of the content and guarding against unethical practices.
  1. Aggregate Score Calculation: WriteMingle generates an aggregate score that provides a holistic assessment of the content’s quality and relevance by considering all the factors above.

The WriteMingle beta is currently available for free for select testers. yPredict plans to incorporate tester feedback into the tool before launching commercially later this year. 

Participate in WriteMingle Beta Initiative

To apply for the beta program, visit WriteMingle.

yPredict’s presale for its state-of-the-art AI-powered trading signals and sentiment analysis yPredict Analytics platform has raised $3.76 million from sales of its $YPRED token.

Priced at $0.1 in the penultimate stage of its presale, with a listing price of $0.12, $YPRED unlocks access to the tools traders need to give them an edge. There are already 20,000-plus people on the waiting list for the release of yPredict Analytics.

Built by traders, developers, quants, and analysts, yPredict is tailored to hit all the sweet spots to deliver winning strategies in fast-moving markets, spanning industries as diverse as healthcare, finance, and human resources.

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