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Dive Into Pond Coin: PNDC Price Prediction As Almost $1 Million Of $Pepe Is Shifted Into Pond


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Pond Coin was a big winner yesterday when 1.38 trillion $Pepe coins were swapped for 600 Ethereum, which was then used buy 487 billion PNDC worth about $965,000.

The transactions were revealed by Lookonchain in a tweet.

Three wallet addresses were involved in the transactions, although their reasons remain undisclosed. 

This transactional shift from $PEPE to $PNDC involving three distinct wallets could trigger increased interest in Pond Coin ($PNDC) since it may suggest a significant vote of confidence in the token. 

As traders tend to explore assets with high buzz, this heightened visibility could lead to more investors researching and considering $PNDC, potentially driving up demand and prices.

Yet Pond Coin is up just 4% in 24 hours, as of 5.43am EST, even as trading volume slumped about 41% to $1.7 million.

It’s climbed 50% in the past 14 days and 10% in the past week.

PNDC – Meets Price Correction Between Critical Moving Averages – How Low Can It Drop?

Pond Coin (PNDC) exhibits a red candlestick pattern between the upper and middle Bollinger Bands. This indicates a potential shift in market sentiment as the price moves away from the upper band, signifying a short-term correction or consolidation phase.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 53.16 indicates a moderate level of buying momentum, hinting at the balanced market sentiment with room for price movements in either direction. 

Although it’s flattening, it could reach the overbought (above 70) if buying momentum increases or go oversold (below 30) if selling pressure increases. 

Furthermore, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is above the signal line, and while the histogram bars are fading in green, it still signifies a bullish momentum. This suggests that the positive price trend may continue in the short term.

Considering these indicators collectively, PNDC appears to be in a phase of consolidation or correction after its bullish run, evident on the last consecutive green candle sticks. 

However, the MACD’s bullish stance implies that there is still potential for upward movement. Traders and investors should closely monitor the market for further developments and be prepared for potential price swings in either direction as the market dynamics evolve.

While PNDC gears up for massive gains, another newcomer, Bitcoin BSC, is making waves in the crypto space with its high-reward APY for investors engaging with its stake-to-earn model.

PNDC Best Alternative – Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC)

Bitcoin BSC is a green crypto coin that functions with a stake-to-earn addition. Developed on the BNB Smart Chain, Bitcoin BSC is eco-friendly and exhibits more sustainability.

It is a Proof-of-Stake crypto model with higher scalability, stability, and security than many other networks. Moreover, BTCBSC offers lower costs on transactions than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin BSC Presale – A Chance to Buy Bitcoin at 2011 Price

Bitcoin BSC is currently running a presale that offers investors a low entry into the crypto community. 

Also, the presale has a supply of 6,125,000 coins, reflecting the Bitcoin blockchain’s state as of April 2011. This placed Bitcoin BSC as a potential ticket that could repeat the exponential price rally seen in Bitcoin to give investors generational wealth.

The project aims to create an opportunity for investors who missed the early Bitcoin pump to join and earn a high return on investment (ROI). Its price is a low level and attractive point for investors of all statuses to experience a recap of an investment boom similar to Bitcoin’s.

Its great milestone indicates the project’s massive adoption and attractive features to crypto enthusiasts and investors. Through its official website, you can purchase the token to earn its potential high ROI with ETH, USDT, or BNB.

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