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Don’t Expect XRP Price In Ripple’s “Proper Party”, It is a Community Celebration Says Wall Street Analyst


Wall Street veteran Linda P. Jones has shed light on Ripple’s upcoming “Proper Party,” dispelling rumors that it’s solely about XRP’s price. Instead, Jones revealed that the event represents a celebration of Ripple and XRP’s freedom from legal constraints.

Jones expressed her enthusiasm for the “Proper Party,” slated for September 29 in New York City, following a crucial legal triumph on July 13. She anticipates the event to be remarkable and encourages those attending, believing it will be a worthwhile experience. 

The party is Not About XRP Price, Its Firm’s Hard Work to Overcome SEC

Crucially, Jones advised against fixating solely on XRP’s price during the celebration. She emphasized that the party signifies more than just a price rally; it signifies the removal of regulatory shackles that have long hindered Ripple and XRP. This newfound freedom, she believes, paves the way for a brighter future for both Ripple and its digital asset, XRP. 

Moreover, Jones also highlighted the key opportunity to connect with the vibrant XRP community, underscoring the value of physical meetings and interactions. The step is to gain investor faith back in its native token and showcase the company’s recent achievements. 

“The frosting will be meeting the incredible people in the XRP community.” Said Jones

It’s a Larger Than Life Event for the XRP Community, Find all the details here

Jones concluded her remarks by extending gratitude to Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, and the entire Ripple team. She commended their dedication, means, and enthusiasm in organizing the celebration. As for the event itself, Ripple has provided detailed information on its website, offering free registration. Attendees must register using their legal names, and the event is exclusively for individuals aged 21 and above, requiring government-issued ID for verification.

Will they Make Any Major Announcement?

Even though Ripple’s “Proper Party” is not just about XRP’s price nobody has also denied the possibility of launching an IPO in the event and rumours of XRP case Settlements. The party surely represents a milestone celebration of Ripple and XRP’s liberation from regulatory chains. It’s an event that promises to be memorable and offers attendees a chance to connect with the broader XRP community, marking an exciting moment in Ripple’s journey. 

With or Without Party XRP is Facing Rejections? 

XRP prices are not having the best times, as they plunged by 2.85%, in the past 24 hours. While the global market cap has increased by 1.54%, it indicates that market sentiment is bullish. However, Some fractals imply a positive reversal in the next few days, which may boost XRP prices. Hope it recovers and breaks the $0.50 mark. 

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