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Cost-effective Investment Altcoin BTCBSC Nearing Soft Cap


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Over 80% of the soft cap in the BTCBSC token presale is quickly running out as investors rush to secure tokens at the low cost of $0.99 before they take off.

After hitting the market two weeks ago, Bitcoin BSC, the utility token renowned for its attractive APY staking options, has attracted over $3.2 million in seed round funding.

The emerging contender to challenge Bitcoin’s dominance

The project Bitcoin BSC, frequently characterized as a Bitcoin clone, has recently attracted significant media attention, capitalizing on the recent signs of recovery in the broader cryptocurrency market. This surge in interest aligns with Bitcoin’s remarkable resilience compared to the fluctuations seen in other alternative cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin BSC is a cryptocurrency token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain. It aims to offer a different approach to cryptocurrency by combining the familiarity of Bitcoin with the efficiency of proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus. Here are some key aspects of Bitcoin BSC:

BTCBSC Proof of Stake

In contrast to the traditional Bitcoin network, which relies on proof-of-work (PoW) mining, Bitcoin BSC employs a PoS mechanism. This means that instead of mining, users can stake their tokens to earn rewards, making it an appealing choice for those seeking passive income.

This mechanism replaces Bitcoin’s mining process, which often faces criticism due to its high costs, environmental impact, and unnecessary complexity for regular cryptocurrency users. Bitcoin BSC offers a cost-free, user-friendly, and energy-efficient alternative to traditional mining.

BTCBSC built on Binance Smart Chain

Choosing Binance Smart Chain as its underlying infrastructure offers several advantages, including faster transaction speeds and lower fees compared to the original Bitcoin network. BTCBSC offers numerous benefits over Bitcoin. One of the key advantages is its transaction confirmation time, which is under 5 seconds.

This is a significant improvement compared to Bitcoin’s approximately 10-minute transaction verification period. Furthermore, BTCBSC provides reduced transaction costs and enhanced accessibility for newcomers, as customers can utilize their existing MetaMask or Trust Wallet accounts for the presale.

These wallets are popular among new users due to their compatibility with Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, and other chains operating on the EVM. In contrast to the typically slow and costly transactions experienced on the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, the Binance Smart Chain offers instant and secure transactions.

This provides Bitcoin BSC holders with a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. For low-cap cryptocurrency investments, visit our guide on the top choices to buy.

The $0.99 opportunity for a long-term investment choice

Similar to Bitcoin’s initial offering in 2011, BTCBSC is available at an enticing price of only $0.99 per token. In just under three weeks since initiating its presale, it has effectively raised more than $3.2 million. The growing interest in the project is evident from the official X account, which now boasts over 8,000 followers.

With a total staked amount of 1.63 million and an estimated annual yield of 161% (APY), Bitcoin BSC currently offers rewards of 0.25 per BSC block. These figures underscore the potential for significant returns through staking Bitcoin BSC in the current market conditions.

Esteemed analysts in the cryptocurrency sphere have recognized Bitcoin BSC as one of the leading alternatives to Bitcoin. With its integrated staking protocol offering substantial annual yield opportunities, it is well-positioned for significant growth in the forthcoming bullish market.

This affordable cryptocurrency exhibits substantial growth potential as the imminent Bitcoin halving event approaches. It’s encouraging for alternative coins like BTCBSC since the halving event typically triggers significant bullish moves in the cryptocurrency market every four years. BTCBSC, much like Bitcoin, will restrict the total number of tokens in circulation to 21 million.

BTCBSC tokenomics – Supply, staking, and emission strategy

The presale of BTCBSC has kicked off with an initial offering of 4 million tokens, while a reserve of 2.125 million tokens has been set aside to meet anticipated high demand, constituting 29% of the total token supply. An additional 2% of the total supply is reserved for Decentralized Exchange (DEX) liquidity, ensuring smooth trading from the project’s outset.

The bulk of the token supply, comprising 69%, is allocated for staking payouts and will be distributed with each new block added to the chain, occurring approximately every 10 minutes. BTCBSC’s emission rate mirrors that of Bitcoin, with a projection of reaching its maximum supply over approximately 120 years.

Following the presale, any unsold tokens will be allocated to the staking pool. Investors have the flexibility to purchase and stake tokens at any time, regardless of their participation before or after the presale. However, there is a one-week lockup period for withdrawals.

It’s important to note that staking BTCBSC, which operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), requires BNB coins. Ethereum users will have the opportunity to commence staking once the presale concludes. The presale soft cap is nearing its completion, providing a final chance to secure a token at the appealing price of $0.99.

Given the rapid progress, it’s expected to be reached within hours. If you’re looking for alternative investment options, explore our concise guide to the top altcoins for 2023.


With a tempting presale cost of $0.99 per token and an anticipated market valuation exceeding $6 million at listing, BTCBSC appears well-positioned for significant growth in the coming years. While Bitcoin BSC may echo Bitcoin’s history, it presents an enticing investment opportunity for this year, capable of generating impressive returns shortly after its launch.

Furthermore, its stake-to-earn functionality positions it as a sound long-term investment choice. To participate in the presale, please visit bitcoinbsc.io.


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