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Apecoin (APE) and Floki Inu (FLOKI) Vanish from Sight, While Pomerdoge (POMD) Sparks a Global Frenzy


Recent events have spotlighted three distinct tokens: Apecoin (APE), Floki Inu (FLOKI), and Pomerdoge. While Apecoin (APE) and Floki Inu (FLOKI) have been experiencing setbacks, the latter has ignited a global frenzy with its innovative approach.

Let’s delve into the highs and lows of these tokens.


  • Apecoin (APE) has been struggling with a 15% price drop in the past week.
  • Floki Inu (FLOKI) faces challenges as its price drops 7.59% in a week.
  • The Pomerdoge presale has already raised over $4.8 million, attracting new and experienced investors with its $0.0165 token price.

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Apecoin (APE) Faces a Tough Spell

Apecoin (APE) is going through a tough time. The price of Apecoin (APE) has decreased by 15% in the last week.

An ApeCoin wallet holder with 93,700 APE tokens decided to sell them at a low price of $1.51 each. This caused ApeCoin (APE) to lose about $1.5 million. Thus, the price of Apecoin (APE) is going down. It’s not just because people are uncertain about the market, but not as many people want to buy or trade Apecoin (APE) anymore.

Data from IntoTheBlock tells us that 61% fewer people were using Apecoin (APE) for transactions in the last week. Moreover, the number of new people starting to trade Apecoin (APE) has decreased by 68%.

Floki Inu (FLOKI) – Struggles Amidst Hopes

Once a notable name, Floki Inu (FLOKI) now grapples with challenges. Integrating the FlokiFi locker into the AIDOGE launchpad aimed to uplift Floki Inu’s (FLOKI) prospects. Yet, the recent trajectory reveals a 7.59% decrease in Floki Inu’s (FLOKI) price in the last week, with a 1.27% drop in the past 24 hours. Even within the last hour, Floki Inu’s (FLOKI) price shrunk by 0.14%. Thus, Floki Inu (FLOKI) is sitting at ₹0.0014 per token, 74.03% below its all-time high.

Despite strategic partnerships and initiatives like FlokiFi, Floki Inu’s (FLOKI) value has taken a hit, signaling a bumpy road ahead.

Pomerdoge (POMD) Sparks Global Enthusiasm

Pomerdoge has managed to stir up a global frenzy with its unique offerings. Earning POMD tokens will allow access to NFTs, attractive rewards, and unique items from the marketplace.

The Pomerdoge game will introduce a captivating Play-to-Earn (P2E) concept. Players will get rewarded for their time and effort. According to a report by DappRadar, the total earnings of P2E games in the first half of 2022 was over $2.3 billion, and is expected to reach $10 billion by the end of 2023. The platform is set up well to benefit from this growth.

While playing, you will earn points that you can use to upgrade your character, create custom items, and sell them in the Pomerplace marketplace. The Pomerplace is also an arena where you can battle other players for prizes.

Furthermore, introducing 7,777 NFTs adds extra excitement to the platform’s ecosystem. Each NFT, priced at 0.2 ETH, promises unique benefits to be revealed closer to the launch. Moreover, participants in the platform’s presale can win enticing rewards.

Moreover, the current price of each token is $0.0165, offering an affordable entry into the world of this project. Impressively, the ongoing presale has raised over $4.8 million. With this modest starting price, and robust presale success, POMD becomes an attractive option for newcomers and seasoned investors alike.

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Website: https://pomerdoge.com/

Telegram Community: https://t.me/pomerdoge

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