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Fortune with Shiba Inu, New Crypto Catches Their Interest for Success



  • After making a fortune with SHIB, the ‘Shiba Inu brothers’ have eyed the next promising meme coin.
  • Rebel Satoshi sets the wheel in motion to achieve a grand market cap valuation.

While the COVID-19 outbreak brought global distress, it fueled many fruitful financial discoveries. In the same year, the now second-most traded meme coin, Shiba Inu (SHIB), entered the crypto market.

Two brothers stumbled upon the Dogecoin-inspired project in 2021, earning millions of dollars in record time. A new meme coin has caught their attention as it looks to repeat similar success.

How The ‘Shiba Inu Brothers’ Made A Fortune

Tommy and James are New York-based brothers in their early to mid-40s who were once wedding photographers. But the 2020 pandemic drastically reduced their business. In August 2020, five months after the first widely reported case of COVID-19, the Shiba Inu meme coin went live. 

Few could have imagined that SHIB would be ranked in the altcoins to watch the following year. A friend recommended Shiba Inu in late February 2021, which was worth many fractions of a cent then. What started as a $200 investment from each brother quickly became $7,900. Every week, SHIB would achieve triple-digit returns, prompting the siblings to involve other family members.

By mid-May 2021, the total rise of SHIB was an incredible 113,824%. According to CNN, the family’s initial stake reached almost $9 million. The token’s price travelled further, reaching an all-time high in October 2021.

This story demonstrates the power of meme tokens as top crypto coins, which can pay serious dividends. The brothers now have their sights on the next big meme coin, Rebel Satoshi, with a grand market valuation.

RebelSatoshi Is On A Mission To Reach $100 Million In Market Cap

Experts often consider old projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum as the best cryptos to invest in. Meanwhile, they shy away from meme tokens due to their playful reception. But the returns of these coins remain unparalleled.

The key ingredient for any meme token to go viral is a community focused on a single theme. As the name suggests, Rebel Satoshi represents defiance in the financial system. It is inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto, who rebelled against banks, brokers, and exchanges to create a new form of money.

Rebel Satoshi brings this power in meme coins, from the project’s branding to the ‘Rebel Meme Hall of Fame.’ Here, nascent adopters of RebelSatoshi can showcase their best rebel-inspired memes to receive acclaim from the community and exclusive rewards.

The second element of Rebel Satoshi’s ecosystem is the ‘Rebel Artefacts Vault,’ a collection of soon-to-be trending NFTs representing the story behind the project. These are 9,999 tradeable, unique digital art characters named Rebels, Citizens, Warriors, Recusants, and Monarchs.

The final aspect is the ‘Revolutionary Staking Hub,’ where members can earn passive income from staking the $RBLZ token. This enriching activity is vital for the project to reach its target of a $100 million market capitalization.

$RBLZ’s token price is also favorable for this goal, trading for $0.010 in the Early Bird Round of Rebel Satoshi’s presale. The anticipated listing price is $0.025 when RebelSatoshi launches, meaning buyers can expect a cool 150% return.

If history is anything to go by, $100 million is quite attainable for many new meme coins. So, stake your claim in Rebel Satoshi today!

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via telegram (https://t.me/RBLZRED

Please note that the Discord and Telegram communities are for Recusants and $RBLZ holders only. 

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