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Former YouTube Gaming Head Joins Optimism 


Ryan Wyatt joined the Optimism crypto project, after serving for the YouTube & Polygon crypto projects.

Ryan Wyatt is an American gaming executive. Before 2022, he was the global head of gaming partnerships at Google and head of gaming at YouTube. Under his leadership, YouTube explored virtual and augmented reality business. In Feb 2022, Wyatt joined the Polygon crypto project as the CEO of Polygon Studios. 

On 13 Nov 2023, Ryan Wyatt confirmed through his X (Formerly Twitter) account that he joined Optimism as the Chief Growth Officer and he will contribute to the Optimism Collective by growing the OP ecosystem by supporting developers.

In an interview with TheBlock media, Wyatt confirmed that he is no longer an advisor to Polygon but remains on the Board of Directors for the nonprofit Gamers Outreach and a venture partner at the VC firm Bitkraft in his new role.

OP is the native token of Optimism and this project team aimed to develop a better level of Ethereum Layer 2 scaling protocol OP Mainnet. 

The current trade price of OP token is $1.78 and this trade price is 18.5% higher over the last 7 days of trade price. 

Former YouTube gaming head joins optimism  1

The entry of a former Polygon & YouTube executive in the Optimism project will surely bring a better level of confidence among the OP token Investors.

Polygon (Matic) coin Investors will probably not face any downfall in their confidence level because the ecosystem of Polygon projects is very big and also has very big support from retail investors.

The current trade price of the Matic coin is $0.9 & this trade price is 27.66% higher over the last 7 days of trade price.

This year, the Polygon project team planned to rebrand the Matic coin name to Poly token by 1:1. Experts believe the trade price of the Matic coin will pump rapidly just before the token naming rebrand plan. 

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