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Render Token Price Prediction: 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026


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  • The live price of RNDR token is  $ 2.34014726.
  • Render token with a potential high could reach $4.65 by the end of 2023.
  • With a potential high, the RNDR price could reach a high of $19.81 by 2030.

In the constantly evolving cryptocurrency space, numerous ventures have been springing up. Among the countless virtual currencies, the Render Token is one such rapidly growing project. The team asserts that the coin gives fast pace environment to gaming enthusiasts. Moreover, the RNDR token has been actively involved in innovative events like non-fungible tokens and the metaverse.

Traders have been analyzing a variety of cryptocurrencies for investment options with the current market dip. Do you want to know if RNDR is a good choice for the future? Look no further as we unfold the most realistic RNDR price prediction for 2023 and beyond!


Cryptocurrency Render
Token RNDR
Price  $ 2.34014726 3.08%
Market cap  $ 870,320,547.5452
Circulating Supply  371,908,453.1088
Trading Volume   $ 88,598,444.0983
All-time high $8.26 on 21st November 2021
All-time low $0.03676 on 16th June 2020
24 High  $ 2.3980
24 Low  $ 2.1000

*The statistics are from press time. 

Render Token Price Prediction November 2023

Render token has displayed a consolidated price action as the token has been trading in a closed range between $2.191 and $2.405 since the month start. Further, the price has made multiple attempts to break out of the resistance level, but has repeatedly failed, indicating a bear-bull fight over the power.

The RNDR price has been trading with the dynamic support of 200 – Day EMA and is on the verge of retesting its upper level soon of which the outcome is uncertain.

Render Token Price Prediction
TradingView: RNDR/USDT

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) displays a rising green histogram, indicating a massive ongoing price action in the market. Further, the averages show a bullish convergence, suggesting the price will experience a bullish run in the coming time.

If the bulls gain power and push the price above the resistance level of $2.405, the price will regain momentum and prepare to test its upper resistance level of $2.617 soon. Further, if the bulls hold the price at that level, it will continue to gain momentum and make a run to test its resistance level of 2.80 this month.

Conversely, if the bears overpowered the bulls, the price will lose momentum and fall to test its support level of $2.191 soon. Moreover, if the bears continue to dominate the market, it will experience a price plunge and continue dipping and test its lower support level of $2.051 in the coming days.

Render Token Price Prediction 2023

The RNDR price has displayed massive price action during this year as the price has added over 500% to its value this year alone. The coin has experienced significant corrections in its value but the bulls maintained their hold in the market, resulting in the price to record new yearly highs with each price pump in the market.

RNDR Token Price Prediction 2023
TradingView: RNDR/USDT

The team will focus on revealing the true worth and potential employment honed by the Render Token. There’s going to be a focus on generating and releasing distinctive renders, copyright laws, and personalized streaming authorizations. Things could prove fruitful for the RNDR markets and its price could land at $4.65.

On the flip side, in case of an overall market rollback, the cost would fall to $1.89. As a result, the lack of community-driving activities could preserve the cost at $3.27.

Render Token Price Prediction 2023 – 2030

Price Prediction Potential Low ($) Average Price ($) Potential High ($)
2023 1.89 3.27 4.65
2024 4.27 5.23 6.19
2025 5.99 7.12 8.26
2026 8.02 9.00 9.98
2027 9.85 10.52 11.19
2028 11.10 12.47 13.85
2029 13.00 14.61 16.22
2030 15.51 17.66 19.81

RNDR Token Price Prediction 2024

The Render Network will ultimately incorporate crowd-sourcing 3D projects along with digital rights governance. It will additionally establish a thriving new marketplace for funding digital insights, capital, and implementations that everyone can access and use. That being said, the cost of RNDR could reach a high of $6.19 by the conclusion of 2024.

Contrarily, if bears dominate the market or the coin losses its steam due to its rivals, the token might plunge to $4.27. Collectively, restrained by a linear momentum, with the lack of spurring initiatives, RNDR’s price might find support at $5.23.

Render Token Price Projection 2025

If the ecosystem encourages greater adoptions and partnerships while also luring institutional funding. With an increased market valuation, it might blow its cost records and acquire a grander price momentum. Successively, the price could rise to a maximum of $8.26 by the end of 2025.

However, if it confronts tougher opposition from evolving rivals, the value could fall to $5.99. The equilibrium in the bullish and bearish targets could land the average price at $7.12.

Render Token Price Prediction 2026

According to our analysts, RNDR Token price prediction for the year 2026 could range between $8.02 to $9.98 and the average price of Render Token could be around $9.00.

Render Price Prediction 2027

According to our analysts, Render price for the year 2027 could range between $9.85 to $11.19 and the average price of RNDR Token could be around $10.52.

RNDR Token Price Prediction 2028

According to our analysts, RNDR crypto prediction for the year 2028 could range between $11.10 to $13.85 and the average Render Token price could be around $12.47.

Render Token Price Prediction 2029

According to our analysts, Render Token forecast for the year 2029 could range between $13.00 to $16.22 and the average RNDR coin price could be around $14.61.

RNDR Token Price Prediction 2030

According to our analysts, RNDR Token predictions for the year 2030 could range between $15.51 to $19.81 and the average Render price could be around $17.66.

Market Analysis

Firm Name 2023 2024 2025
Wallet Investor $2.024 $0.589 $0.176
priceprediction.net $3.11 $4.57 $6.57
DigitalCoinPrice $5.00 $5.94 $8.44

*We have made a table that includes the possible price prediction for the same token made by other crypto analysts on their respective platforms. The targets mentioned above are the average targets set by the respective firms.

CoinPedia’s RNDR Price Prediction

CoinPedia’s’ price estimate for the Render Token (RNDR), indicates that the token has a fantastic environment for gaming and videos. In light of its performance over the prior year.

Render Token may experience a big growth by the end of this year and surpass the $4.65 price level. In more detail, we predict that the price of RNDR will vary between $1.89 and $3.27.

Fundamental Analysis

Jules Urbach, CEO of OTOY, based in Los Angeles, created the protocol in 2016. The Render Network is a high-throughput distributed GPU rendering channel. It supports the swap of computational services between GPU suppliers and GPU requestors using OTOY operating systems. They are then given to node operators after being manually approved.

GPUs are frequently idle while not being used by a developer to render their work, despite being in high demand. In both user bases, this stops malicious actors. Designers and developers can deploy real-time rendering to dynamically adjust ecosystems for the customers. Their users can then use them to create NFTs and the Metaverse as augmented reality becomes much more prevalent.

What Is Render Token?

The Render Network links individuals with graphic processing units (GPUs) with ones who want to render graphics. It was launched in 2020 following the beta testing program of OTOY. GPUs carry out a wide range of tasks like frequently rendering images and films for video games, filmmaking, etc. Through the RNDR ecosystem, GPU technology is becoming faster, adaptable, and equipped to produce realistic visual effects.

It is an ERC-20 utility token, for GPU providers, artists on the network exchange it from the providers. Before payment transfers and the distribution of the artwork, RNDR uses a method that combines manual and automatic proofs of work. Moreover, To protect both customer bases from cyber criminals, all criminals, all investments availed on the system are watermarked until a deposit is effectively distributed.

Render Token Historical Price Analysis 2020 – 2022

  • In its first year, the token rose rapidly following its release, varying from $0.04677 on June 13th. It continued to develop and struck $0.2699 on August 27th. It concluded the year by recovering from its loss and it was trading at about $0.1827 on December 5th.
  • The year 2021 culminated in a negative impact on the prices as it started with a low pace of $0.1171 on January 29th. But, very soon the prices started to increase in February and March reaching $2.50 on March 27th.
  • While on 22nd June 2021, RNDR once again plummeted to $0.3967, later on, it rebounded to $1.59 on 22nd August. By December 10th, the token had returned to $3.50 and further increased to $6.14 on December 23rd.
  • The token kickstarted on a bearish note. Following this downtrend, it fell to a low of $1.98 on 22nd January and rose again on 6th February to $3.84.
  • The coin touched $2.31 by the end of February. Several business collapses shook the already turbulent cryptocurrency markets. May and June witnessed some of the highest recorded drops in their value. 
  • With RNDR markets falling under the dollar range before finally reaching a 15-month dip of $0.2774 on June 18th. The altcoin suffered a 70% loss in the 2nd quarter. Successively, at the time of writing RNDR prices were lingering around $0.4663.

CoinPedia has dedicated a team of expert analysts to cover the possible crypto price prediction and sum it all up in one place, just for you!


What will the maximum price of Render Token be by the end of 2023?

The RNDR price can potentially rise as high as $4.65 by the end of 2023.

How high could the RNDR price reach by the end of 2025?

According to our Render Token price prediction, if the bulls take in-charge the price of RNDR could reach the $8.26 mark by the end of 2025. With a potential surge the price could go as high as $19.81 by the end of 2030.

How many Render Token coins are there?

With a current circulating supply of around 363,911,539 million coins (55%), there is a maximum supply of 536.87 million RNDR.

Is Render Token a good investment?

The coin has solid fundamentals and great rendering capabilities which makes it good long-term hold.

Will Render Token go up?

The Render Token is expected to reach a maximum value of over $8.26 by 2025.

Where to buy Render Token?

All major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, etc have listed RNDR on their exchanges for trading.

What is Render Token?

The Render Token supports blockchain technology that can be used to revitalize rendering options for video game illustrations.

How much is 1 Render Token worth?

At the time of publishing, the price of 1 RNDR was $2.375.



  1. The protocol employs Blockchain.Com information
    technology to present a competitive and superior substitute.
  2. Render Token users can work with complicated files that are difficult to process locally.
  3. It uses the immutability of blockchain technology to protect creators’ rights.


  1. One of the disadvantages of Render Token is that anyone can easily share unused GPU power.
  2. Since GPUs are idle, new customers are forced to purchase brand-new GPUs.
  3. It can be time-consuming for people with high-end rendering requirements.

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