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BlackRock Spot Ethereum ETF; Ripple-SEC Joint Briefing, Bitcoin Spark’s Breakthrough in Mining


The crypto market has gotten a new event to buzz about as BlackRock registers a spot at Ethereum ETF in Delaware. Meanwhile, Ripple and SEC have filed a joint briefing in the ongoing lawsuit. In other news, Bitcoin Spark has made a significant breakthrough in smart mining. Read on to find more details of these exciting developments. 

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BlackRock Has Registered a Spot Ethereum ETF in Delaware 

The crypto market has been abuzz with talks of a spot Bitcoin ETF approval. However, BlackRock has shifted the excitement to Ethereum, registering a spot ETF for ETH in Delaware. The spot ETF was registered under the entity “iShares Ethereum Trust. ” 

BlackRock has now solidified its intention to expand beyond Bitcoin with its spot ETF aspirations. Grayscale, VanEck, ARK 21Shares, Hashde, and Invesco are other VC firms that have filed for a spot ETH for the Ethereum coin. The latest Ethereum news sent the crypto market into a frenzy. The price of Ethereum reacted to the news, increasing by more than 10%. 

Consequently, the Ether traded above $2,100 for the first time since April. The latest gain has extended the ETH year-to-date gain to 76%. Meanwhile, the predominant Ethereum price forecast is that the bullish price performance will continue into 2024 with ETH projected to hit $4,000. 

Ripple and SEC Have Filed a Joint Briefing

Talks of a settlement in the SEV vs Ripple lawsuit have been extended after a joint briefing filed by both parties. According to the report, both parties have agreed to focus on events before the SEC filed its complaint. The regulator requested 90 days to conduct its discoveries related to remedies. Ripple granted the request. 

Ripple demonstrated a desire to collaborate, but the cryptocurrency business is still able to contest any findings made by the SEC. Still, authorization was given to the SEC to question a significant witness in the upcoming ninety days. John Deaton, an attorney who supports ripples, has said that this stage could be difficult. 

In the end, Deaton clarified, a $20 million settlement or less would be a noteworthy accomplishment for Ripple. However, this extension has affected the price of Ripple’s XRP. The Ripple news caused the price of XRP to drop by more than 6%. However, the XRP price prediction remains largely bullish; the coin has been projected to reach $3 after the settlement. 

Bitcoin Spark Makes Breakthrough in Smart Mining 

Bitcoin mining serves several crucial functions, including validating transactions and securing and maintaining the integrity of the blockchain. However, only a few have access to mine BTC because of the expensive devices and high energy requirement of Proof-of-Work. Bitcoin Spark has gained attention for making a breakthrough in the mining process. 

Bitcoin Spark has reduced the mining requirements by introducing a new consensus algorithm, Proof-of-Processs. PoP is a unique blend of Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work. Proof-of-Process has been able to address the issue of PoW’s high energy requirements while preserving its security and dependability because to the integration of both models. 

Network users can now mine BTCS tokens thanks to Bitcoin Spark’s reduction in energy requirements. Additionally, Bitcoin Spark now has access to billions of smartphone users across the globe. In addition, this larger mining community will mean more security for Bitcoin Spark. 

The project is quickly gaining prominence because of its unique new mining model. As a result, analysts have given bullish predictions for the BTCS token, forecasting a high of $45 in the bull market. Meanwhile, investors have an opportunity to join the project now it’s in the tenth presale stage, where BTCS is traded at $3.75 per token.

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