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Whales Lose Faith In Traditional Coins. Go Bullish on This Presale Hidden Gem


Crypto-native whales have once again shown why they are whales in the first place. While smaller investors continue to target traditional large-cap coins, these well-capitalized players have gone bullish on a new project: Galaxy Fox ($GFOX).

Whales flipping bullish on this hidden presale gem bodes excellently for $GFOX long-term, indicating it could be the top crypto to buy in 2023. This sentiment shift shows seasoned investors have abandoned large caps in favor of small caps, hinting that a full-blown altcoin season may be imminent.

What is Galaxy Fox ($GFOX)

Galaxy Fox is a play-to-earn gaming token in the Ethereum ($ETH) ecosystem. It centers around an addictive Web3 runner game with the top performers earning prizes each season. It has a deflationary tokenomics model with ongoing burns permanently removing $GFOX from circulation. Whales understand the power of deflation, and perhaps this made $GFOX a top crypto to buy now in their eyes.

Additionally, the protocol offers staking rewards, allowing all $GFOX token holders to unlock residual income. The simplicity of the earning process makes Galaxy Fox an excellent crypto for beginners. One interesting nuance related to staking rewards is that the protocol pays them with token taxations as opposed to inflationary token printing.

Users who want to increase their chances of being amongst the top 20% of players at the end of the season can purchase one of the 3,000 Galaxy Fox NFTs. These NFTs will be tradeable on the protocol’s native NFT marketplace, and as the prize pool grows their floor price will likely skyrocket.

The $GFOX tokenomics feature buy and sell taxes, routing part of every transaction to stakers, the Treasury, and the liquidity pool. This healthy cash flow throughout the protocol enables ongoing expansion and means that token holders suffer no inflation. And token holders who stake will own a growing percentage of the total supply- another core reason why $GFOX is the top crypto to buy in 2023. 


$GFOX’s Value Proposition

Galaxy Fox operates in one of crypto’s most lucrative verticals: GameFi. The initial presale phase will be the lowest cost basis for investors who want exposure to GameFi to accumulate $GFOX. Additionally, given the demand/ pricing mechanism put in place, these holders will see 450% gains on their initial investment by launch.

But the central long-term value proposition for Galaxy Fox, according to experts who have tracked buy orders belonging to whales, is the Ethereum Uplift thesis. Galaxy Fox is an excellent GameFi token, but whales appear to be betting on the incoming Ethereum Spot ETF. When this ETF goes live, and the value of $ETH skyrockets, everything in its ecosystem will get uplifted.

As $ETH’s value climbs, the largest gainers in its ecosystem will be small-cap coins. Projects like $GFOX. As always whales are playing the long game and have again outsmarted markets by looking further into the future.

Closing Thoughts: Can $GFOX 100X This Cycle?

Whales bidding $GFOX is very bullish for early token holders. Not only will they see a 450% rise before launch, but they also know that some of crypto’s largest players are betting on the protocol’s success.

The deflationary nature of the token, its location in the GameFi narrative, its tiny market cap, and the fact it pays yield to investors make $GFOX massively undervalued, and market mispricings create huge upsides. A solid contender for the top crypto to buy in 2023 and a token that easily has the potential to 100X this cycle

Learn more about Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) here:

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