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Pepe 2.0 Price Prediction: PEPE2.0 Pumps Yet Another 34%, But Don’t Ignore This Telegram Casino Outlier That’s Luring Investors From Gambling Titan Rollbit With 100X Upside


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The Pepe 2.0 price surged 34.5% in the past 24 hours to trade at $0.000000096183 as of 8:10 a.m. EST, and it’s also up 148% in a week and 713% in a month.

The token’s trading volume jumped by almost 60% to $21.42 million in the last 24 hours.  

Pepe 2.0 Price: Bulls Aim for July High

PEPE 2.0 buyers have been consolidating near the support level of $0.00000000325, gathering strength and triggering a robust recovery. The price has reached the resistance point of $0.000000007964, initiating a bullish trend that is evident in the bullish candlestick patterns.

Although facing rejection at $0.000000007964, the bulls seem resilient, regaining control around the support level of $0.00000003808. PEPE 2.0 has broken this resistance at the time of writing as the bulls aim to achieve new highs.

This suggests the potential for a sustained bullish trend, providing the momentum to reach $0.000005232.

The price trades above the 50-day simple moving average, strengthening the bullish outlook for PEPE 2.0 and thereby acting as immediate support for the price.

Despite a slight decrease, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) remains above the overbought threshold of 70, currently at 78, rebounding from the 50 neutral level. This indicates continued higher momentum and buying pressure compared to earlier levels.

PEPE 2.0 Price: Bulls Target New High

PEPE 2.0 price is overly bullish, bolstered by the alignment of the 50 SMA and the RSI. This has empowered the bulls to surpass the $0.000000007964 resistance to reach the $0.00000015297 high in 2023 as the next significant resistance, reflecting a 25% increase from the present price.

However, buyers should be careful as the market may take a downside, wiping out current profits, as they seek haven at the $0.00000003808 support zone.

For investors who missed the Pepe 2.0 bull rally, TG.Casino offers an exceptional opportunity. This is evident as investors in industry titan Rollbit are jumping ship and buying TGC in pursuit of higher yields.

One whale recently cashed in a portion of its Rollbit Coin bag and deposited the value into TG.Casino’s presale, on-chain data shows.  In one of the transactions, this particular whale bought $50,000 worth of TG.Casino’s native token TGC and staked the tokens immediately.

$RLB Whales Migrate to TG.Casino, Less than 2 Days to Price Increase

Following the remarkable achievement of raising $300,000 in a single day, TG.Casino has now impressively amassed over $2.6 million, signaling a shift in the crypto casino market. This surge in investor interest comes at a critical time, with less than two days remaining before a scheduled price increase of $0.16.

Additionally, the project has started to see significant traction from GameFi traders and investors.

In 2023, GameFi tokens are really doing well. Rollbit’s $RLB has been a big hit, but now TG.Casino is quickly becoming just as popular, maybe even more so.

What makes TG.Casino special is its great features, which are better than those of Rollbit and other gaming sites. With TG.Casino you can earn money just by holding and staking $TGC tokens, unlike with $RLB.

This is really appealing to people who want to make passive money over time. This staking option is a major attraction for investors seeking long-term benefits, providing a pathway to continuous growth and profits.

As the price of TG.Casino tokens is about to go up, there’s a lot of investors from $RLB investors shifting funds to TG.Casino. This shows that people really believe in TG.Casino’s future. The influx of $RLB whales into TG.Casino underscores the increasing trust in its future prospects.

This trend more than signifies a shift towards a GameFi platform that delivers beyond mere gaming enjoyment.

Win the TGC Airdrop, Enjoy Additional Rewards

The highly anticipated $TGC Airdrop event has officially been launched, offering the chance to win a share of 16 million tokens, constituting a substantial 16% of the total token supply. This event is structured across four stages, adding an element of anticipation and engagement.

As the airdrop unfolds in these four stages, investors can secure a portion of the 16 million tokens. The allocation of tokens during each stage adds a dynamic element to the event. 

The airdrop event provides an inclusive opportunity to join the $TGC community and share in the exciting distribution of tokens. 

Investors also will enjoy additional perks, including special rewards on the platform, eligibility for exclusive NFTs, and post-launch rewards for investments that exceed $5,000

Crypto V.O., a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency space with a YouTube channel that has amassed over 314,000 subscribers, has lauded TG.Casino as “the next 100x pre-sale gem.”

He emphasizes the benefits of participating in the presale and the advantages of staking tokens, highlighting the potential for significant returns.

To acquire $TGC tokens, visit the TG.Casino website, connect your digital wallet, and exchange ETH, BNB, or USDT for $TGC tokens.

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